30 July, 2012

daydream riviera

Is it too much to ask to spend another summer in the French Riviera? Okay the answer is probably yes, but regardless, I just saw Tuula's post about her travels there this summer and it is making me soooo homesick...even though it's not home. Regardless, it's like a part of my soul lives there and has been living in this state of near-death since we left in 2009. I NEED TO GO BACK.

morning rambling

the best mornings by far are defined by how productive i am, at least for me. tea then yoga? my day is already set off to an amazing start. thrown in an hour-or-so of simultaneous blog snooping/doctor who episode watching before working on my art history research paper? booyah. plus a full playlist of unreleased lana del rey and marina and the diamonds' new stuff? today's gonna rock.

26 July, 2012

Opal Essence

{a detail of the coins on my bag}

Taken at the straights of vivo city between the main Singapore island and it's sister Sentosa, now home to Resorts World Sentosa (including Universal Studios). Back when I had long hair, oh boy oh boy oh boy! Keeping an otherwise far-too serious look fresh with my beloved cream Converse. 

14 July, 2012

Brooklyn Bound

I'd give you a minute-by-minute run-down of my entire 48 hours in NYC, but I'd rather not bore you all to death so here is my film from my Holga. Enjoy.

09 July, 2012


Blogosphere! I'm back after a long and hard second semester of my junior year of high school, a semester that is rumored to be the most important when it comes to my four years of higher education to come, I am back in the swing of needing to bloggity blog blog. So, now that it is summer and I'm finally settled in the US of A for a month, I wanted to share with you some of the photos I've taken thus far in Philadelphia, St. Louis, and of course NYC! Enjoy the wonderful quality of iPhone grains and filters (my appologies).