30 January, 2012

cheap hills

Photos by Rouge

One of the best things about Bali is how insanely cheap everything is--if you know how to bargain for it! Offer them half of what they're asking, and when they say no, just walk away. Most likely, they'll call you back within seconds and say okay. That's how I managed to get so many silver bracelets and rings, which are all beautiful and I now wear one of each on a daily basis. Keeping it simple (stupid) with a white blouse and black Topshop hotpants, but when you're off for a visit in the Sacred Monkey Jungle, too much color and sparkle would draw the wrong kind of attention (and by that I mean monkeys climbing all over me, no thanks).

26 January, 2012

ball part 2; sanur

4 days on the beach in sanur, bali. our pink and blue gorgeous french beach chalet was a dream to stay in. we even had a kitty hanging out on our roof for most of an afternoon. this was the closest i've ever come to a tan in my life, which still hasn't worn off thank the lord! i'm just a pale silly little person. if you ever hit up the beach cafe, do me a favor and get the falafel and then tell them luna says hi x

19 January, 2012



Photos by Rouge
These were taken shortly after I recovered from my awful stomach flu last semester that had me drop about 20 pounds. I suppose a week and a half of no food intake and excessive vomiting really did the trick! Haha, okay, shouldn't be joking about that. Ignore me.
I got this dress as a major steal from cotton on for something like $15 and have been wearing it obsessively since-it's super light so perfect for singapore weather, simple in shape but gorgeous in print, and the best color for pairing anything i want with it (for example here: ray bans and steve madden wedges). Awesomesauce, right?

14 January, 2012


Photos by Rouge on our last day in Bali

I'd been counting down the days since Christmas to get a chance to wear this baby--my Seafolly cobalt one-piece. I felt like this was the place to where it because it blended so beautifully with the color of the pool water and the sky that day. Surrounding the pool were half a dozen german babies running around naked which was beyond adorable, as well as statues of white-porcelain frogs shooting water out into the pool. This place was actually paradise.

bali part 1; ubud

highlights from the first part of the trip: lemon lime tarts, walks in the rain, sitting on grounded cushions overlooking the lake in front of a temple, daily capuccinos, wearing out my white converse, trying out my new hat, buying lovely lacey clothing, riding an elephant named nancy, fireworks every night, and swimming in warm blue-green water in the middle of the city every day.

please forgive me but i've got so many fantastic photos that my next couple of posts will all be from Bali--hope you don't mind!

11 January, 2012


Photos by Rouge

I bought this sweet little pink lace top at a boutique right across from where this photo was taken, along with a red lace skirt and white lace tank (to be featured soon!)
Taken right at the end of our lane in Bali outside the sweetest garden restaurant where we grabbed lunch upon raised platforms with nothing but pillows and bamboo rugs to sit on. My days here were spent shopping, walking, swimming, sketching, and writing. How i miss it so.

09 January, 2012

catching the ocean

My hair is full of sand and my ears full of salt water, but I really couldn't be happier. We were digging a moat around our sandcastle to try and catch the ocean, when I thought back to a yoga class I took in Ubud in which my teacher reminded me if how we are all as insignificant as q drop in the ocean, yet together we make an incredible body of water that is essential to this planet. He said it doesn't matter if you come from a skinny river or a fat one, a famous one or a river no ones ever heard of, because once you're mixed into the ocean, it doesn't matter: we're all just the ocean.

01 January, 2012

indo breeze

Photos taken by Rouge
I suppose a quick intro is needed here. I'm Luna: a 17 year old wanderer, and aspiring model, who is living abroad to study.
I snapped these photos in Ubud, Bali this past December on my way down the bustling, overcrowded streets filled with motorcycles and vans full of tourists. Trying to avoid the occasional stray dog and the men screaming "TAXI?!?!?!?" in my face, we sought refuge in cafes tucked along monkey jungle road. Each one leads straight back onto patios that overlook rice patties, and their mojitos are to die for. It's a crazy paradise.