30 March, 2012

spring cleaning, vogue, and breakfast

hello lovelies!
the weeks leading up to spring break were filled with wishful thinking of "oh, i think i'll clean my room. i'll also take photos for the blog and organize my desk. and i'll go running every day, no, twice a day!" but when i caught micoplasma the thursday before break, all those plans were ruined. however, it is saturday now, and i head back to school on monday, but i did manage to organize my desk! after a morning of writing an english essay, reading poetry, eating greek yogurt with honey and drinking too many coffees, i pulled it together and am now beyond proud of my desk and wanted to share photos. enjoy!

11 March, 2012

pita & particularly ginger

 in the current exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum, this artist has represented fertility 
and feminine anguish in a piece where she has strung dressers and wardrobes in pearls
that are empty, representing eggs that the spiders protect although they are aware they are empty.

TEHV5b on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

i gots my hug from annika, photos by claudia

taken at the corner across from chjimes, singapore, after a lovely afternoon
of visiting the art museum and studying for the ap art history exam in coffee bean. 
i think it's fair to say simplicity is my forté

03 March, 2012

too lazy for a name

laying on my gorgeous indonesian canopy bed on a lazy lazy day with nothing but sunlight, bokeh, my camera, and my ipad to keep me amused