03 March, 2013


 Here is part I of a set surrounding some recent acquisitions, this one being bejeweled and golden. Above are earrings found at Green Poppies (Haji Lane). Next is Kumquat by Marc Jacobs, the most wonderfully fresh and tropical scent on this planet. Following are bracelets my mom got at a benefit for children's cancer for a boy at my school recently diagnosed with leukemia. His mother designed the jewelry. Finally are two rings, one feathered and one circular, also from Green Poppies.

31 December, 2012

Luna Off Duty is officially, of this day, 1 year old! It was quite a year, 2012 was. So glad to be done with it but have learned plenty plenty plenty. I went to New York City for the first time in my life and it was incredible, I became a senior in high school, I turned 18.
By this time next year I'll be halfway through my first year of college and hopefully be having the time of my life! This year I'm dedicating myself to a more organized life (maybe starting with closet and desk? Yeah good idea, baby steps) and to this blog! I'm glad it got to where it did over the course of a year, but I can do better than that! So here we go, 2013, a year of loving and blogging and dancing and singing.

28 December, 2012

Cobblestone lanes are not all that common in Singapore, believe it or not. But when I stumble across them, figuratively and literally in the case where I'm wearing heels such as these, I'm amazed. After a glorious day of shopping on Haji Lane, we made our way up to Duxton Hill for dinner at Broth (highly recommended if you're visiting Singapore and...well...have a pretty loose budget). I bought these pants earlier this day in one of the greatest shops in existence called Soon Lee that I could easily spend the rest of my life in. Hopefully soon, Annika and I will do a thorough exploration of Haji Lane and share our findings and favorite stores with you. For now, I leave you with this outfit post of Soon Lee pants, Jessica Simpson heels, Urban Outfitters top, and jewelry from Haji Lane.

26 December, 2012

It's been a good while now since I last posted wearing this dress, and as it's one of the most comfortable things I own and perfect for adding to with accessories, or simply wearing to paint, I think it's high time I bring it back. I finally got back around to painting this after a whole semester of working in three dimensions, which has been incredible. Maybe at the end of the year I can post some of what I've been working on - it's really exciting! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and I'll be back with more in the new year! 2013 baby.
By the way, this is Scout, my golden baby. She bids you all good day.